Housing is related to many other social issues facing our Central Valley region. In 2017, Fresno State hosted a conference where community members working on housing prioritized the need for a place to find local data and a way to help them interpret it to help tell their stories and make change. If we can understand the pressure levers and solutions to housing issues, this will help us understand many other issues. For example: preterm birth focus groups revealed that people were most concerned with housing on many levels: from neighbors smoking around pregnant women, being afraid of complaining about health hazards to landlords, stress of rising costs, to neighborhood walkability.

The goal of the Central Valley Housing Data Repository is to build a centralized way to engage community that helps facilitate research and learning.

We do this through three strategies:

  • Partner with Community Organizations engaged in Fair Housing Action
  • Provide Active Learning Experiences for Students through Partnerships
  • Draw on Repository for High-Impact Teaching Practices


This is a 5-year funded project with the support of Chan Zuckerberg Initiative