Moderation Policy

This moderation policy sets out the timescales, methods and terms within which the Central Valley Housing Data Repository (CVHDR) operates. This ensures that all user generated online content is suitable and in the context of the Central Valley Housing Data Repository (CVHDR) service.

Making postings: Comments added to the site by registered, logged-in members will appear on the site without moderation. We use 'Captcha' software on all our web forms except the login page in order to prevent and reduce the amount of unsolicited postings that some users attempt to upload.

We sometimes use moderation management software to aid in the prevention of 'Spam' appearing on this website and to flag-up unsuitable content. Comments added to the site by unregistered or non logged-in users will not appear until they have been moderated. Ideas and applications submitted are always moderated before appearing on the site within 3- 5 days of being submitted.

Moderation frequency: The Central Valley Housing Data Repository (CVHDR) team will strive to moderate content added within a 72 hour period during the working week. Comments added over the weekend or on Public Holidays will be moderated on the next available working day.

Ad-hoc online events: If there are any 'featured' online feedback events that require more frequent moderation e.g. an online consultation that occurs within a specific time period; we will make moderation frequency for that specific activity.

Content editing after approval: The Central Valley Housing Data Repository (CVHDR) team will occasionally edit submitted content before it appears on the site. This editing is limited to improving clarity of any idea and removing typos, finally optimising any images that accompany an app. We will not change the substance or meaning of any contribution.

Content not published?: If your submission to the site does not appear on the site, or is removed, it means that the Central Valley Housing Data Repository (CVHDR) team feel that the contribution does not comply with the code of conduct of the site. Where possible and in response to any requests, we will explain why your contribution did not fit with the guidelines, with suggestions of how the content could be re-phrased so that it can appear on the site. Send moderation queries by email to:

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